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Heavy Metal is not only a general term for special chemical elements. It is also a well known term in the music scene. It has its roots in Hard Rock music which has been very popular since the 1970s until today. There are some specific directions which belong to the Heavy Metal genre. One of them is Power Metal, which can be divided into European an American Power Metal. We are talking now about American Power Metal.

Steelprophet is a music band which has attracted attention in its special genre American Power Metal for many years. Founded in the middle of the 1980s by Steve Kachinsky in Middletown, Connecticut. In 1988, Steve Kachinsky moved to California. The band Steelprophet published their first album in 1990. Beside Steve Kachinsky, the band leader and Guitarist, you can hear another guitar, a bass, drums and certainly a good vocalist. Steve Kachinsky is still the heart and also the main writer of this group. Other members have changed during the years. After the first album further albums followed in 1995 and then every year until 2002. The last albums were �Beware� in 2004 and the CDs �Book Of the Dead� and �Dark Hallucinations� in 2008. These songs also appear as MP3 mediums and they can be downloaded from different servers which offer such services.

But Steelprophet is also a homepage which seems to be open for any advertising. Possibly there are ads which are absolutely without any connection to American Power Metal like ads from a privately holded clinic for aesthetic plastic surgery, especially breast augmentation. Perhaps the clinical doctors prefer Metal songs to wake up their patients after a breast augmentation or Brustvergroesserung. But this method of waking up is not recommendable because it might cause a heart attack. So we suggest that doctors and the clinical staff hear metal songs at home when they like it. Then they can relax from breast augmentations (Brustvergroesserung). In this manner there may be a connection between breast augmentation fettabsaugung and the American Power Metal band Steelprophet. Nevertheless the songs �Book Of the Dead� deals with a theme which should be avoided at the clinic. The clinic should care for the health of the patients and not remind them of death. Funny or comical songs are rather suited to make people healthy. We recommend: ask the patient what kind of music she would like, and then supply her according to her wishes.

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