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Steel Prophet's excellent guitar playing is well known all over the world. The band leader and founder Steve Kachinsky is still in business. He plays his guitar perfectly as he has always done. For some time he has got a problem with his eyes. There is not an effect on his playing when he plays without reading music. But he can not see his fans. Are they reacting enthusiastically about his playing? Or are they completely unsatisfied with his music? Playing the electric guitar in a band together with other musicians, this makes so much noise that Steve can not hear what people shout.

Steel Prophet as an international known heavy metal band is also well known in Germany. In Germany it is familiar that such events like a guest performance of Steel Prophet is a good occasion to make advertising. Therefore some German companies use the performance of Steel Prophet to popularize their products and inform the public. One of these advertisements also solved the problem of Steve.

This special offer came from a retailer of Kontaktlinsen, in English contact lenses. Like a sportsman a player of a rock guitar can not wear glasses. Glasses would not survive during the performance of heavy metal music. But Kontaktlinsen? This was really a good solution. Steve looked at the offer and was astonished. There were so many Kontaktlinsen and also the air optix! But at first Steve had to go to an eye specialist who tested his eyes. Indeed, it was very necessary that his eyes were corrected by glasses or contact lenses. Steve received the accurate technical data which his lenses should have. And with this information � no, he did not have to go to the retailer, he only had to use the next PC with connection to the world wide web. He ordered the lenses, and one day later he received a letter from the retailer with contact lenses. The letter contained not only contact lenses but also additional information on lenses. So Steve got to know that there were special lenses for guitar players which would give him a better appearance, named air optix colored lenses. Another order was placed, and since this time Steve can see it: fans are very satisfied with his music. They are enthusiastic and full of admiration. The ability to see so well brightened up his mood he got really happy looking at his cheering audience.

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