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Not only one but two guitarists belong to the band steelprophet. One of them is the band leader and founder Steve Kachinsky. Steve is not only one of the guitarists, but probably the best. A good guitarist has learned his art on a classical, not an electric guitar. He knows how to play softly and loudly and there is also a perfect interaction with the other players. Most plays take place without booster. This is more challenging than playing an electric guitar. But is it a really good training. A player of a classical guitar can also play an electric guitar � but not the other way round.

Guitarists of this genre mostly play very loudly. This is not a direct effect of playing. Loudness is generated by a booster so that you can hear a guitar in a hall or in case of open air all around the camp. For this purpose guitarists prefer electric guitars which you do not play by finger nails. They use a plectrum. But a really good guitarist can play with his fingers.

Such a good guitarist has to care for his finger nails. They must have the right length. Are they too long they will break. Are they too short the guitarist can not pluck the strings. So he is doing the best for his finger nails. A specialist for nail design has successfully finished an apprenticeship which means in German Nageldesign Ausbildung. Addresses for such a Nageldesign Ausbildung the guitarist will find in the world wide web. But the Nageldesign Ausbildung itself? Perhaps he can find a guidance in the web. But to get a really good Nageldesign Ausbildung � for this he needs a good nail designer.

Most nail designers are women. Men � not a guitarist � don't care for their nails like women. Nail design is one of the little mysteries of feminine beauty. Part of this mystery is that the knowledge is passed from woman to woman. Men don't take part in it but they are free to be pleased about it.

A Nageldesign Ausbildung takes a few weeks or also longer. It depends on the knowledge which the trainee has at the beginning of the apprenticeship. If somebody designs the nails of his family members a short apprenticeship will be sufficient. But if you will teach nail design to others your apprenticeship should take longer, and you should achieve a mastership.

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