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How does a formerly well known guitar player from a band like Steel Prophet occupy himself when he retires? On the one hand he can not miss his music. On the other hand his fingers do not allow to play the guitar as well as in earlier years, and he must look for another business. And thirdly he likes now to be in the open air and no longer in halls full of cigarette smoke or beer fume. And finally: Sometimes he likes to meet former fans of his group. Can you give him an advice? To meet his fans he should visit big music events. These should be outdoor events.

Since he found out that a German eye specialist could help him to improve his visual acuity he can also drive safely. A while ago a German advertising helped him to find the best solution, so for the new problem there should also be a help. At first Steve buys a pick up. This is in Germany not so usual as for example in the United States. But such a car is more proper for attracting the attention of the people than a small car which nobody will see. And yet Steve has another reason to buy a big car. He needs a trailer, and the car will be used for pulling it.

Such a trailer which Steve will buy is named in Germany a Verkaufsanhänger or Imbisswagen. In English means this a mobile sales booth or a trailer which serves people with snacks. The idea is to sell beverage and snacks to people during big music events. Steve has the right sense for this business. He is still well known by older fans of rock music, and if he places his trailer in front of a hall and opens his mobile sales booth � it will take only a few minutes, and �Hallo Steve!� the first fan will greet him. Steve is in his new business. He serves with beverage like soft drinks, beer, wine and water, he serves also snacks like sandwiches and pretzels, and his grilled chicken and goose are well known by his customers. And Steve does not miss his rock music. His Verkaufsanhänger or Imbisswagen has an additional equipment which allows him to play old songs from Steel Prophet � not so loudly as formerly, but so well that he will become a friend of everybody who approaches the trailer.

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