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Motörhead, Manowar, Guns n 'Roses , AC / DC, Steel Prophet and Vorwerk have one thing in common - they are all well-known heavy metal bands . Just a moment  -  Vorwerk? Never heard of it! Vorwerk such as vacuum cleaners, the green things, that were formerly sold at the door?

In fact Vorwerk is no heavy metal band but also with a Vorwerk vacuum cleaner you can really rock. The housework is a lot easier when you hear music. Most people do not have fun while doing housework. But it is probably a necessary evil.  Especially men hear Heavy Metal Music while doing tolerable tasks such as vacuuming.

And even the guys from Steel Prophet itself must lend a hand at home, if they do not have a cleaning lady. Indeed vacuuming can also be relaxing. With a Vorwerk vacuum cleaner the work is done quickly. They are easy to handle and suck away even the smallest crumbs. You have celebrated a little Heavy Metal Party at home? No problem! A Vorwerk vacuum cleaner sucks off everything that has been caught in the carpet and jerk twitch all is squeaky clean again. There are various attachments for the Vorwerk vacuum cleaner and so you can easily and thorough clean upholstered furniture with a special brush. The model Kobold is even suitable for allergy sufferers. After using, you can hygienically dispose the dust bag and the apartment shines like new.

The guys from Steel Prophet are sure excited and already have much more time to rehearse. Maybe you can even make music with a Vorwerk vacuum cleaner? For housewife the sound of a Vorwerk vacuum cleaner is music in her ears. Your perfect model can be easily ordered online at Swyp. Millions of housewives are already convinced of Vorwerk.

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