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The homepage of steelprophet urgently needs a revision. May be the band doesn't work together any more. But it has a history which is worth to be remembered. If not � who will pay for this domain?

The band steelprophet is not so well known as for example the Beatles or the Rolling Stones. It is a band for special fans of its music. You will find those fans all over the world, especially in Germany . Therefore the homepage should not only be revised but also completed with a part for the German fans of the band. So it would be a good idea to order this revision by a German Werbeagentur.

A German Werbeagentur � in English this means an advertising agency � writes the text of a homepage not only in German but also in English. Using an American agency to write the text in German is not recommendable, it wouldn't be able to perform the task.

Such a Werbeagentur looks for all necessary things in connection with a homepage. It writes the text according the given guideline. It screens the pictures and logos which everybody expects. It has the connections if the homepage should be completed with links to other homepages. If this means advertising for the other homepage they have to pay for it. It programs banners if this is desired. Today such a famous band is not only presented by text and picture but also by its music. It is no problem for a Werbeagentur to insert buttons on the homepage to present music. Of course this will not be a complete song. It should entice the listeners to buy the CDs. Therefore it is an important part of such a homepage when it contents possibilities to buy � CDs, DVDs, short tracks useable as ring tone for a mobile phone, and also fan articles like scarvels, caps and T-shirts.

A special event would be, when band members offer some of their old and no longer used equipment. The best way to receive a good price would be an auction. If this gets well known - this notation of the advertising agency for an auction -, then many people will visit the homepage to make a good deal. Such special events are a very welcome opportunity to make a homepage quickly present all over the world. This is one of the most appreciated advantages of the work of a Werbeagentur.

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